How to Help us Help the Wombats

Spread the word

The easiest thing you can do to help is to spread the word. Tell your friends, family and colleagues that there is now a simple treatment program available to treat mange in free living wombats. 

Report any sightings of infected wombats to us via Report a Wombat button on our Home Page or email us at or call our mange hotline on 0431 600 125


Mange Management welcomes the assistance of everyone who cares about the suffering of our wonderful native animals.

Please drop us a line at

We are looking for volunteers for the following tasks:

  • With minimum training become an in-field worker – setting up burrow flaps, installing cameras and finding burrows and monitor and document a wombat’s recovery.
  • Administration and office tasks


If you would like to donate to help us help the wombats, please visit our donations page.

Shop at IGA Ritchies

Take out a Ritchies Community Benefit card in store or via the Ritchies App and register and select Mange Management as the organisation you would like the Ritchies donation to go to.
It doesn’t cost you anything, you’ll get some special offers by using your card at times, and we will get a small percentage of the value of your shop.  This goes for all Ritchies stories in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.  For more information please visit Ritchies page.