Treating and protecting wombats starts with people.

The future of the Wombat is in our hands. Treating and protecting wombats starts with people. People just like you. Together we will make a difference.

Mange Management is here to educate, advise and provide support with help, knowledge and the tools for the treatment of mange in wombats.

Mange Management distributes free mange treatment kits and provides education, advice and support to landowners, volunteers and the wider community, enabling them to effectively treat wombats that would otherwise suffer and die from the cruel symptoms of mange.

The plight of wombats with mange has been an ongoing concern for many years. Unless mange is treated the infestation progresses and eventually the wombat is so severely compromised it dies.

Mange Management, working together with Landowners, Landcare Groups, Friends Groups, in fact anyone interested in helping wombats with mange is an ideal way to reach affected areas.

Our aim is to effectively treat mange and stop the unnecessary and cruel suffering.

We can’t as a responsible nation let mange continue its destruction of the wombat population. By doing nothing we ensure that not only will any wombat catching mange die, but we allow it to spread amongst all wombats.

Success story

Little Dina was seen along the aqueduct in Kangaroo Ground, covered with mange. She was underweight and struggling to eat enough to survive!

About Mange Management

A quick video about Manage Management – what we do and why we do it.

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The Wombat Mange Management Project is a Victorian Government Supported Program


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