This can often be a hard decision to make.

If the wombat is easy to catch and is flyblown with a rotting dead smell, this usually indicates the infestation has progressed too far and secondary infection has developed.

At this stage it is recommended to euthanise to avoid prolonged suffering.

Euthanasia can be carried out humanely by a trained wildlife volunteer/rescuer, phone Wildlife Victoria  on 03 8400 7400 or contact your local (DELWP) Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning or Parks Victoria office.

The disposal of the body will be the property owner’s responsibility. Be aware that the mange mites can remain active up to 3 weeks after the wombat has died. Disposal needs to be carried out immediately, or the mange cycle continues. Wear gloves to avoid contamination.

The body can be buried (lime will help with the decomposition) or burnt completely or it can be taken to the local vet, sealed in a heavy-duty plastic bag.

Some vets will dispose of the body free of charge if it’s bagged and labelled ‘wildlife’ but it’s wise to check with your local vet first.